traveling to a retreat location
Often the success of a meeting will relate directly to where it is being held. If you are planning a two to three-day event, look for facilities close to the airport or office, no more than two hours away. No attendee appreciates spending much of the first day traveling, possibly arriving tired or hassled, then anticipating the same return trip on the last day of the meeting.

If you plan to the meeting to run the entire day, don’t choose a resort. It is very frustrating to see a wonderful golf course, beach or spa yet know you will never get to enjoy them. At the same time, if you want your attendees to spend time together at play, a downtown hotel may not be the wisest choice. Decide how the time will be spent then determine the type of facility to match your needs.

Check out the names of conference centers, resorts, and hotels in the area. You can use Retreat Central’s Retreat Center Directory or call your local Convention & Visitors Bureau. Each facility will have its own characteristics, but all will be able to provide for your basic needs. Some can provide recreational activities and party settings on site or will help you find other facilities available to your group.

  • Find out if the facilities are easy to reach by car or plane.
  • Is the location affected by the weather at the time you have chosen?
  • Call each place and make a list of the amenities, availability of dates, room rates, and general information.

Just by looking a the list and matching it to your needs, you can easily choose the right site for your meeting.

Adapted from Aunt Polly’s Pearls of Wisdom for Meeting Planners

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