Capon Springs and Farms: Capon Springs, WV
This unique retreat venue in West Virginia is located on 4,700 acres, making it the ideal getaway location for your next retreat.

The venue is a third-generation, family-owned retreat center with many unique features, including one of the nation’s best preserved spring-fed pools. The pool’s natural spring water is known for its alkalinity which neutralizes the buildup of acid in the body.  In the 1920s & 1930s, Capon water was used exclusively by two U.S. Olympic teams and the entire U.S. Congress.  Today, it is enjoyed throughout the entire retreat facility, as it flows into all guest rooms, the kitchen, and spa.

Capon Springs and Farms’ pool has been featured in a number of national publications, including the Washington Post, and was the overwhelming winner of Retreat Central’s “Best Retreat Center Pool” contest in 2016.  Even its semi-weekly draining is a much-anticipated event known as “walk on the bottom.”

Capon Springs’ host and group coordinator Jonathan Bellingham says, “I know the healing properties of the Capon pool first-hand. Over the last 30 years from late April to mid-November resort season, I’ve taken early morning dips, just as my grandfather did during his lifetime.”  Learn more about this unique retreat center

Capon Springs Pool Historical Rendering
Artist’s rendering of Washingtonians in 1900 enjoying the healing benefits of the pool’s mineral-rich spring waters

Image Credit: The Washington Post

Capon Springs Pool resized
Capon Springs and Farms’ spring fed pool today
Capon Springs Pool resized 2
Crystal-clear, mineral-rich spring water maintains a constant temperature of 65 degrees year-round

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