All sports teams need places to gather where they can focus intently on their work but build the kind of team that wins.

Sports camps, such as soccer camps, baseball camps, basketball camps, and football camps, need plenty of open space to play to the fullest. Cheerleading camps are a special retreat for squads that want the extra focus to win every competition!

The team members know each other with varying degrees of familiarity. In order to perform at the highest level everyone must feel included. Retreat facilities are a great equalizer for youth. The accommodations, recreational choices and casual meeting spaces provide a welcome mat for new beginnings.

Camp facilities as retreat centers are also an ideal place to be able to keep kids safe, well chaperoned and to make memories for a lifetime.

Ideas for Sports Camps

  • Empower youth by creating a safe and interactive leadership component beyond athletics. Create workshops that allow kids to role-play and problem-solve. Give them time to debrief about what transpired. You will witness the emergence of wisdom and leadership.
  • Leave time for kids to be kids. Build in plenty of independent activities for them to enjoy and explore. Suggest a nature hike or relay races that they organize themselves.

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