Spring Retreat Ideas

What better time to plan a retreat than the beginning of spring? It’s the time for change and renewal, whether the need for more daylight hours or more rain to nourish and cleanse the earth. The days become longer and warmer, plants begin to grow and many changes in the environment become evident of Mother Nature’s springtime presence.

There is a need for less clothing and the desire to get outside to partake in outdoor games, sports and time with family and friends. Our faces reflect more joy, more smiles, more cheerfulness and we often reflect a ray of sunshine.

A perfect time for a retreat is when the need for internal change arises patterning the nature of spring or other seasons. What a great time to clear out mental and emotional clutter that has been pent up all season.

Just as the seasons begin to change when it’s naturally time, we innately undergo and experience mental, emotional, spiritual and physical changes without even realizing the occurrence.

All retreats don’t have to result in planning a get-a-way
. Doing simple things right where you are could prove to assist our internal meters with the need for change, clearing and renewal. We can do this by making some time for solitude and taking long walks in nature. Whether shedding those excess pounds gained over the winter months or changing our dietary habits to lighter foods than we’ve consumed in the past.

Whether planning vacations or retreats further down the list during the warmer months is a good sign that we just like nature is preparing for a transition. These are all signs that our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies sense the need for internal change.

The practice of meditation, yoga or some other mindfulness practice can be a good shift. A spring detoxification program such as juicing, preparing healthier foods, taking supplements or a personal wellness plan can boost your energy and take away the winter blues. Activities out in nature such as hiking and planting can help you get grounded and connect to the earth. Wear more of the color green to mimic the change in nature.

Going inward and reassessing what you need to let go of or change can prove to be the most amazing retreat that allows you to start right where you are and put some spring in your step.

Take a moment and make a list of all the things you would like to change this spring.

  • Clean your closets and drawers
  • File or shred old papers
  • Clean out the garage
  • Give or throw away things you don’t need or use
  • Clean out the refrigerator and cabinets
  • Reorganize something
  • Clear your desk and files at work
  • Join a meditation or yoga class
  • Volunteer for an organization
  • Organize a walk or activity you can do with others
  • Make time to read that book you’ve been trying to get to
  • Reassess changes you need to make with family, friends and yourself
  • Make peace with money. Recalibrate your finances
  • Redo your resume 

If you are easily overwhelmed chunk down time for the “one thing” you can do one week at a time. After it’s all said and done, plan time for your perfect “away retreat”. After all, life is about balance!

About the Author

Guest blogger Brenda Pitts is the founder of The Chi Center for Wellness. The “Chi Center for Wellness” is located in Northern New Jersey. Chi Center for Wellness offers group classes in meditation and Chinese healing exercises. It has a focus on wellness for women and offers healing retreats two times per year. also offers workshops in helping women get into full alignment with their purpose in life. Visit www.chicenterforwellness.com to learn more.

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