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– A Quiet or Secluded Place in Which One can Rest or Relax

The Tibetan word for retreat is “tsam” which means stop or take a break from our normal activities and to get in touch with our spiritual presence.

Retreats are an amazing way to slow down, get grounded and centered. However there are many different types of retreats. Whether you are going solo and taking personal or religious retreats to do some soul-searching or a group spiritual retreat in a safe emotional environment, it can be extremely gratifying.

Work retreats are a great way for employees to get away from the day-to-day of the office to do some team building activities. Families take retreats to celebrate yearly milestones or reunions. Romantic retreats are a great way for couples to renew and honor their relationships.

All in all retreats create a renewed sense of well –being that can prove necessary and refreshing. Thanks to searching for the perfect location just got easier. It allows you to find the perfect location that you don’t have to look far to enjoy. We often have the idea that we must travel a far distance such as to a remote island or out of the country to get the perfect scenery and a little rest and relaxation and that simply is not the case.

If you are trying to watch your budget or plan a small get away, check out some of the best local getaways that offer unforgettable memories for less.

Day retreats are an overlooked avenue of retreating. Simply packing a bag, loading up your vehicle and just getting away for a few hours can prove to be just as rewarding.

Going on a retreat allows you to slow all the way down, which is something we rarely get time to do in our fast paced lives.

Retreats allow us take a look at the internal landscape of our lives, experience mindfulness and rejuvenation. It’s amazing how we allow self -healing to take place when we just slow down and get tune and give ourselves a spiritual tune-up so to speak.

Your journey to rejuvenation starts here. Get started planning your weekend or one day get away to cleanse your mind body and spirit.

Written by Brenda Pitts
Founder The Chi Center for Wellness
The “Chi Center for Wellness” is located in Northern New Jersey. Chi Center for Wellness offers group classes in meditation and Chinese healing exercises. It has a focus on wellness for women and offers healing retreats two times per year. also offers workshops in helping women get into full alignment with their purpose in life. Visit to learn more.

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