The third article in the guest blog series by Dr. Brandon Nutt examines the benefits of focusing on our movement and dr-brandonnutt_captioned_3posture. Movement.

Before you read anymore, freeze in whatever position you are in and look at yourself. Likely, you are reading this on a computer screen. Most likely your hips are bent at a 90 degree or so angle, maybe your shoulders are slightly rolled forward, head may be hanging over your shoulders, arms extended out in from of you with your elbows bent. If any of this is true, do yourself a big favor and stand up, reach for the ceiling, and move around! Get your blood ?owing, get your metabolism back on track, give your neck muscles a break for a minute and move!

These common workplace postures are making us less ef?cient, less productive, and killing us! The number one reason for employees to miss work is neck or back pain. This can be easily alleviated by doing postural stability strengthening and educating proper workplace ergonomics. Many companies are now offering standing workstations. Even insurance companies know the bene?ts of movement and posture, and will cover the purchase of a standing workstation. If this saves them tens of thousands of dollars down the road in chiropractic, physical therapy, and surgeries, its easy to see why

More importantly, movement is what powers our brain. Roger Sperry won a Nobel prize in his research and said “90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by movement of the spine”. We need movement to stimulate our brain so it can be productive, focused, energized, and ef?cient.

Let’s look at the current lifestyle of many Americans. Wake up and sit in the car on the way to work, take an elevator or escalator up to the of?ce where we sit for the majority of the day, then we sit on the way home and sit on the couch with the TV on and sit while eating dinner. If we are being healthy, we go to the gym but many machines are in a seated position.

What can we do to make a change? We can take the stairs, we can take short breaks every 20-30 minutes to stretch and maybe do some body weight squats or wall push-ups. Jumping jacks, marching in place, arm circles, be creative! Movement is what powers our brain, stabilizes our blood sugar, regulates our metabolism, and strengthens our postural systems of both our nervous system and our musculoskeletal system. Get up and move, people!

About the Author
Dr. Brandon Nutt holds a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy as well as a Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness. Dr. Nutt represented his graduating class at Parker University, College of Chiropractic as Class President and was honored with various Leadership and Service awards. His true passion lies in helping patients with chronic, metabolic, and neurological issues.  Dr. Nutt has been a leader and mentor throughout his life, and continues today with his patients, promoting healthy lifestyles, diets, and exercises. Dr. Nutt’s goals include further education and specialized degrees in Functional Neurology and Functional Medicine so he can utilize that information in the service of his patients.

About the Wellness Institute of Dallas
The Wellness Institute of Dallas strives to deliver individualized patient care, emphasizing the importance of educating and empowering our patients.  Patients deserve focused care and we offer individualized approaches in chiropractic care, rehabilitative therapy and nutritional mentoring.  The Wellness Institute of Dallas believes that each individual given the right approach, systems and mentoring can improve their physiology to maximize their health.


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