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Combating Negativity with a Spiritual Retreat

Life can be stressful, and we deal with frustrations on a daily basis.  To decompress, we need to break our normal routine – take a vacation to clear our heads and re-energize.

Typically, when vacation time rolls around all we want is to kick back, relax by the beach, and sleep in. But this kind of escape is only a temporary one. As soon as you return to work, the effect wears off and we quickly fall back into our old habits and stresses.

For a holiday that leaves a lasting impression, consider taking a spiritual retreat. Whether it’s only for a few hours or for a whole month, spiritual retreats are breaks from everyday life when you spend time reconnecting with your spiritual center. Be it through prayer, meditation, or however you connect to a higher source, these types of retreats help you find yourself and bring clarity to your life. 

Spiritual retreats are the perfect opportunity to examine your lifestyle and learn how to improve it. For example, you could focus on the topic of anger and how to overcome it on a regular basis. 

The thoughtless, but common thing people do is get angry, get even, and hold grudges. While on vacation, though, you can look at our life with a clear mind and set a goal to break that cycle. 

The first step in eliminating anger and frustration from our lives, is not sweating the small stuff. Of course, we will always encounter people we don’t agree with and vice versa. But it’s not healthy to walk around with anger and hate piled on your shoulders. In the end, holding on to anger hurts you the most, and can harden a person.

The truth is, you can’t change other people – only they can change themselves. If you accept this fact and spend your energies working on yourself instead of trying to change things that are out of your control, you will lead a much more content and radiant life. Letting things roll off your back and channeling your energies towards productive things is always the better option. And remember: people can only get to you if you let them. Don’t respond to negativity with negativity, get even and respond with kindness.

When things dealing with negativity keep happening and you see that it’s starting to control your life, take a step back. This is the time for you to attend a spiritual retreat to detox all of the negative energy you’ve been exposed to. These types of retreats are used for spiritual healing. It’s always great to separate yourself from everything that’s going on to reflect. Reflection is the way to remove inner roadblocks, to first become aware of the things that are really holding you back. Go to a place that is the best fit for these situations.  

These are a few points anyone can use when speaking with a group at a spiritual retreat about ways of getting over the negativity that is happening around them. Best spent vacation is the kind that leaves a lasting impression that lasts throughout the year.

By Danielle Willis
Retreat Central Summer Intern 

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  1. Rachel Lannister

    Thank you for the tremendous read. I particularly liked what you said about how retreats a great opportunity to get away from regular life and reconnect with you spiritual center. I had heard in the past that retreats were a great idea for church groups, work groups and pretty much any type of group. Along with building team spirit, you could also help people center themselves and get their minds in a great place.