Glamping RetreatAre you a high heel donning, opulent purse packing, smartphone-toting, girly girl that simply can’t fathom being away from wi-fi and amazing flavored coffee?!

But you also desire some down time with the family and friends you adore…it sounds like you’re a candidate for GLAMPING!

What is Glamping?

Glamping is a fusion of Glamour and Camping that gives you the retreat without the rescinding of your girl code! Such as a visit to Mary Janes Farm, C Lazy U Guest Ranch or even The Snooty Fox Resort!  Wherever the place, an amazing experience to be had with girlfriends, colleagues or your special family that thought you would never be game for leaving the city. Pick a place. Pack your baubles. Prepare to be pampered in the outdoors!

Glamping Essentials:  

Gather your group and remember rules in the city are the same in the country:   Location Location Location! Pick somewhere you’ve never been before.  You can search Retreat Central to find retreat locations that cater to your exact needs.

Cocktails + A Chef! Work with the retreat center to hire a private chef that can oversee your entire dining experience. They can prepare everything from morning Mimosas to those late night smores you want by the indoor fireplace. Designing a special menu ensures an amazing time with all your favorite foodie moments!

Activities and Creature Comforts: vision boards, DIY nail salons, or private sommelier tastings. There are so many fun activities you can add to keep you busy during your glamping session. It’s all about indulging your interests and keeping boredom far away! Properties can help you find resources to hire a masseuse, yoga instructor or sommelier to pass the time.

Meditation: focusing on self-relaxation is important when you have the opportunity. Light a candle, channel your peace, read a book. Take a little time to disconnect. Tune out your everyday responsibilities and enjoy it.

All in all, have fun and relax while you retreat from the world!

By Guest Blogger: Chef Tiffani Janelle

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