Many smart retreat planners have figured out that retreat centers operating only part of the year are often their best bet. The shoulder season is vernacular for the three to four weeks before summer camp begins and after it ends. This is usually mid-May to Mid-October, depending on the timing of the first freeze.  

Summer camps love groups and remain very loyal to them year in and out because it is often “bonus” money for their budgets. It also enables the camps to keep their best staff longer and their facilities in better shape as it is well-known that buildings in use are better kept than those that sit idle.

Sometime the groups get the very best of the food because the camp has over-bought. Be sure to ask what is left in the freezer – you may get steaks at no additional charge!  

Additionally the director and other property leadership are not distracted by preparing for summer or beginning to recruit for the next, so you get their undivided attention. 

Finally, and perhaps best of all, the weather across the country is frequently at its best in May and September! So book now and you can hold your dates for years to come!

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By Jaynie Schutlz, Co-Founder, Retreat Central
Jaynie Schultz created Garrett Creek Ranch with her mother more than 20 years ago. She served as the founding Director of Sales and Marketing and is involved in many non-profit organizations and leadership development programs.

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