Meeting planThere are many variables in any meeting, however, the important considerations for any meeting are the same regardless of the variables of location, size, etc. Here are 5 things you should keep in mind:

  1. If you have a choice, pick a meeting room with windows! They are always the best because they add natural light, and lovely views add spice to a meeting. But make sure no construction or major landscape work that might be disruptive will be occurring during your meeting.
  2. You are planning a meeting not a dance…so you should not use a ballroom. Nor is your meeting based around a meal. So you should not use the restaurant. Those rooms definitely have the wrong atmosphere, the wrong lighting, the wrong everything for learning.
  3. Logically, a “hollow square” fits in a square room. However, very few facilities have square meeting rooms. They are almost always rectangular.
  4. Pay attention to the diagrams the facility gives you before you tell them how you want the room arranged. Notice whether the rooms are square or rectangular. Ask them how many people they recommend for the various set-ups you are considering.
  5. Always ask what type of chairs are available. Sitting in an uncomfortable chair is miserable. If the facility does have good meeting chairs at an extra charge, we recommend putting it in your budget.

From Aunt Polly’s Pearls of Wisdom for Meeting Planners (with permission)

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