Missing retreat center informationProspective client: “Hi, I’m looking to get information about your property.”

Retreat center manager: “Sorry, we’re keeping that confidential”

Does that sound like a ridiculous response?

If you have a listing on Retreat Central, or any online directory, and have not provided photos and other information that’s basically the message you are giving to event planners.

Through our efforts on social media, Retreat Central reached 187,000 people throughout the U.S. last week, and thousands of prospective customers visited our website and yet you were invisible.  This problem isn’t unique to Retreat Central – it happens every day throughout the retreat market.

When we initiated research into the world of affordable meetings we found surprisingly little data, despite the billions of dollars spent on smaller properties such as camps and retreat centers.  The reason for this is because many of these facilities are not about profit but mission.  They don’t see themselves the same way as for-profit businesses like hotels, and so they ignore the opportunity of helping outside groups or earning money through retreats.

Groups all over the country are looking for unique locations with affordable prices, and yet many camps and retreat centers continue to hide from the market by not putting any effort into exposure.

The centers that put in effort are able to build new facilities, offer scholarships, better pay and benefits for their team.  Their boards are able to raise more money and become more strategic in fulfilling the mission.

All it takes is a few minutes to upload photos and write a compelling description of your facilities!

Don’t hide from the public!

Please help us help you.  Complete your retreat center listing today!  It will move your mission further along.

Need help updating your listing?  Call us at toll-free at 877-364-2323 or contact us via email for assistance.

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