Anyone who’s ever been in charge of managing a team can tell you it requires a special skillset and attitude.  The term “management material” is often used to describe individuals who have the basic, innate qualities needed for the job.  But the truth is even they must learn the finer points – whether through formal training or trial and error.

Good managers are good communicators, mediators, negotiators, innovators, and motivators. Whether you’re managing kids on a summer camp scavenger hunt or the entire research and development division of a Fortune 500 company, the basic skills you need to be successful are essentially the same.

Thanks to Eliza Rafle, Content Coordinator at Acuity Training for sharing this great “10 Tips for First Time Managers” infographic with us.

Courtesy of: Acuity Training

ElizaRafleThanks to Eliza Rafle, Content Coordinator at Acuity.  Follow @eliza_rafle on Twitter

Do you have other tips that would be helpful to first-time managers?  Please post a comment to share them with us.

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